How to Become an Ambulatory Care Nurse

Nurses are among the most important personnel carried by an emergency transport vehicle such as an ambulance. These nurses who first respond to patient and emergency calls are called Ambulatory Care Nurse. But their work is not only limited to the ambulance setting. Generally, these nurses provide immediate nursing or healthcare to individuals or groups in whatever environment outside the hospital*. Similar to the tasks of an Emergency Trauma Nurse, these nurses may not always be familiar with the patient condition they are about to encounter. Thus, this career requires rapid response but careful judgment to be able to provide the correct outpatient care.

How to Become an Ambulatory Care Nurse

How to Become an Ambulatory Care Nurse

The duties and responsibilities of an Ambulatory Care Nurse

The main objective of these nurses is to keep the patient alive, stable, or healthy on-site or while the patient is being transported to the hospital. Specific duties include the following**:

-Make a quick and thorough assessment of the patient’s health or condition on-site.

-To administer life-saving or life-sustaining procedures or first aids like CPR.

-Management of pain for an injured patient and keeping him/hem as comfortable as possible while transporting him/her to the hospital.

-Provide basic nursing care to injured individuals even if they don’t need hospitalization.

-Educating patients or individuals at home to prevent certain injuries or health problems including all the possible treatments and illness management.

Education and training requirements needed to become an Ambulatory Care Nurse***

If you want to venture into the ambulatory care field, you must possess the following requirements:

-A Bachelor (BSN) or Associates (ASN) Degree in Nursing

-Must have your RN License by taking and passing the NCLEX Examination for Nursing.

-Must continue to receive Nursing education or trainings for at least 30 hours.

-2 years working experience as a Registered Nurse and 2,000 hours of which must be related to the ambulatory care field.

-And finally, must pass the Ambulatory Care Nurse Certification Exam conducted by the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nursing or AAACN.

Work Environment

If you want to pursue this career, you must be prepared for a rapid or fast-phased and most unpredictable working environment. This is because you may not be certain what type of illness or injury you may encounter next. Some medical calls could be as simply as a plain scratch, cut, or sprain. But you could also be facing the challenge of keeping a person alive and breathing while the ambulance rushes its way to the hospital. This career requires frequent travel but generally within the locality or area of assignment. Working hours could also be erratic dependent on the number of emergency calls.

Ambulatory Care Nurse: Career outlook and salary expectations

Because of the requirement to provide immediate medical care to patients on-site or outside the hospital, an Ambulatory Care Nurse may always be demanded. Ambulatory or mobile clinics are also getting much more advanced enabling doctors to do surgeries on-site. Thus, the assistance of these nurses is also of need. The average national salary of this nursing specialization is at $50,000****.

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