Job Description, Duties and Requirements about Case Management Nurse

Case management nurses work as a vital part of client care in the modern health center system. Responsible for arranging a client’s case from admittance to discharge, a case management nurse understands hospital processes and the significance of making economical decisions. These positions need licensure as a signed up nurse (RN). Added education or optional accreditation in the field of case management might enhance employment possibility.

Job Description, Duties and Requirements about Case Management Nurse

Job Description, Duties and Requirements about Case Management Nurse – Image: BestNursingDegree

Case Management Nurse Job Description

A case management nurse often deals with medical facility personnel to collaborate the care a client receives, especially in long-lasting cases, such as cancer treatment. Case management nurses are central to application review, the practice of evaluating resources, examining health care treatments and negotiating one of the most cost-effective choices available. Following honest and legal requirements, case managers make decisions that impact the care a patient receives. To enhance familiarity with the case decisions and procedure of utilization review, case management nurses may concentrate on a certain clinical discipline, such as oncology or geriatrics.

Duties of a Case Management Nurse

A combination of community service and healthcare, case management nursing needs organization and the ability to assess all possibilities in a patient’s scenario. Nurses trained and acquainted with the processes of case management usually put together information for reporting and collaborate with a group of resource managers to make large-scale decisions. Case management nurses act as intermediary in between patients, physicians and health care institutions. Usual tasks consist of providing clients and their families with advocacy support, accurate healthcare details, prospective referral services and correct treatment strategies.

Case Management Nursing Requirements

Case management nursing programs typically require candidates to complete a nursing program and become a registered nurse prior to enrollment. Building on the foundation of RN experience, master’s and postgraduate certificate programs train nurses to implement case management and supervisory duties for overall patient care. Some schools may offer working nurses the flexibility of evening, weekend or online courses.

Several professional organizations provide optional certification for nurses who choose to demonstrate their proficiency in case management. Credentials offered through organizations, such as the Certification of Disability Management Specialists Commission or the American Nurses Credentialing Center, test case management nurses on interviewing techniques, treatment plan development and legal requirements for the profession. Specific education or experience in the discipline may be required prior to earning a credential, and continuing education courses must usually be completed to maintain a valid certification.

Job Outlook and Salary Information

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, case management nurses fall under the broader category of registered nurses, which is projected to see a 26% increase in employment opportunities from 2010-2020. The mean annual wages for registered nurses were $67,930 in May 2012.

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