Nursing Careers Information

Nursing Careers

Some nurses choose to focus on a particular specialty.  There are numerous specialty options — each of which has its own training/certification requirements and related professional network or organization.  These include:

Nursing Careers Information

Nursing Careers Information. Image: ClassesandCareers

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In addition, nursing has four advanced practice clinical professions, each of which requires a graduate degree and separate certification:

  • Clinical nurse specialist

  • Nurse anesthetist

  • Nurse midwife

  • Nurse practitioner

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Registered Nurse’s Working Conditions

Most nurses work in healthcare facilities, although home health and public health nurses travel to their patients’ homes, schools, community centers and other sites.

Take free Registered Nurse practice exams & test

Take free Registered Nurse practice exams & test

RNs may spend considerable time walking and standing. They also need to be able to cope well with stress, since nursing involves direct involvement with human suffering, emergencies and other pressures.

Registered nurses earn on average $64,690 a year, although compensation depends on level of education, experience, geographic location and the type of facility. Experienced registered nurses with advanced education can earn $80,000 a year or more.

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