CEN Practice Exam [Part 2]

As may you know: Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) certification is administered by the Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN).

To become certified first you must have a certain amount of actual, paid experience working as an emergency or Critical Care Registed Nurse (CCRN). Then to become certifed you take and pass the certification exam.

CEN Practice Exam [Part 2]

CEN Practice Exam [Part 2]

The CEN exams are tough and require a lot of self directed study. Certification is good for 4 years then you must take the test again to re-certify. This is new as in the past you could recertify without re-taking the exam. The advantage of having certification is respect. When people see you are certified they KNOW you are and experienced ER or ICU nurse since those without experince are not allow to test. They also know that to pass the test requires advanced knowlage of critical care nursing.

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Take this free CEN practice exam features 30 multiple-choice questions that will help you prepare for your CEN examination.

You can see detail at: http://www.practicequiz.com/nclex-rn-exam-practice/questions?page=7

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