CEN Practice Exam [Part 4]

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The Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) certification is specific to emergency nursing and measures the attainment of a defined body of nursing knowledge pertinent to that specialty. Currently, more than 29,000 nurses hold the CEN certification. Although there are CENs throughout the world, the CEN exam is based on emergency nursing practice in the United States.You must pass the exam to attain initial CEN certification.

CEN Practice Exam [Part 4]

CEN Practice Exam [Part 4]

To qualify for the exam, you must hold a current unrestricted Registered Nurse license in the United States or its Territories. A nursing certificate that is equivalent to a Registered Nurse in the United States is also acceptable. BCEN® recommends 2 years’ experience in the emergency department; however, it is not required.

Throughout BCEN’s website you will find resources to help you study and understand the exam material. Upon successful completion of the certification exam, the CEN credential is valid for a period of 4 years.

About CEN exam:

Certifications are developed and earned typically from a certification corporation, such as BCEN®. Certifications are designed to elevate professional standards and enhance individual performance.

BCEN certifications provide designations to nursing professionals who demonstrate the knowledge essential to the specialty of emergency nursing care, associated specialties and subspecialties.

The objectives of certification are to promote quality emergency nursing care by:

  • Establishing a level of knowledge, competency, requirements, and achievements
  • Measuring the attainment of a defined body of knowledge needed to function at the competent level
  • Encouraging participation in continuing education
  • Promoting professional development and career advancement
  • Providing employers, patients and peers a mechanism to recognize knowledgeable professionals
  • Promoting self-confidence

Upon successful completion of a BCEN certification exam, emergency nursing care professionals earn the privilege of using the appropriate credential with their name to be formally recognized by employers, patients, peers, and the public.B

Related CEN Practice Exam:

CEN certifications can be viewed as a standard of competency and commitment to continuing education and provide proof of dedication to the practice of emergency nursing care.

CEN exams are based on specialty nursing role delineation studies. These research studies also known as a practice analysis or job analysis are conducted by exam committees of subject matter experts.

As part of the role delineation study, survey instruments are distributed throughout the United States. The survey responses guide the exam committee in determining tasks and knowledge areas. The integrated concepts, cognitive level distribution, and the number of items (questions) specified within each content area are developed by an iterative process resulting in unanimous agreement from the exam committee. Item writers create exam questions and the items are reviewed, revised, and approved by the exam committee. The items are also repeatedly reviewed throughout the exam development process.

Exams are delivered by computer at more than 170 AMP Assessment Centers geographically located throughout the United States. The exams are administered by appointment Monday through Friday and designated Saturdays at 9:00 am and 1:30 pm (national holidays excluded).

Now, we invite you to continue to participate in the CEN practice exam [part 4], with 30 multiple-choice questions with accompanying answers. To see the results of your practice exam, after selected your answer, click “subtmit”, please.

You can see detail at: http://www.practicequiz.com/nclex-rn-exam-practice/questions?page=13

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