CEN Practice Exam [Part 7]

Certified Emergency Nurse exam

A certified emergency nurse commonly treats patients while they face a life-threatening crisis. They are most likely to be involved while an illness or injury is still in a critical stage.

They must be able to operate autonomously and reach important decisions quickly. Beyond the emergency room, they often play an important role in educating and supporting patients and their families during a critical medical situation.

CEN Practice Exam [Part 7]

CEN Practice Exam [Part 7]

The Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN) sponsors the Certification exam for Emergency NursesCEN Exam. The BCEN reviews current practice every five years and incorporates any changes into future exams. The Certified Emergency Nurse exam is based entirely on practice within the United States.

CEN Practice Exams

As you know, we have presented to you 6 of 7 parts about CEN Practice Exam, with 30 multiple-choice questions in each part. In this free CEN Practice Exam [Part 7], we would like to present to you the remaining 26 questions in total 206 multiple-choice questions about CEN Exam.

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