Free CMA Exam Practice [P3]

The CMA Certification

The CMA certification is considered the highest standard of medical assistant credential. The CMA test is a computer-based exam with 200 multiple choice questions, of which 20 are unscored. The test-taker will have a total of 2 hours and 40 minutes to complete the exam.

Free CMA Exam Practice

Free CMA Exam Practice. Image: Southwestern College

The CMA exam covers the following topics:

  • General: Medical Terminology, Anatomy and physiology, Psychology, Professionalism, Communication, Medicolegal guidelines and requirements.
  • Administrative: Data entry, Equipment, Computer Concepts, Records Management, Screening and Processing Mail, Scheduling and monitoring appointments, Resource information and community services, Maintaining the office environment, Office policies and procedures, Practice finances.
  • Clinical: Principles of infection control, Treatment Area, Patient preparation and assisting the physician, Patient history interview, Collecting and processing specimens; diagnostic testing, Preparing and administering medications, Emergencies, First Aid, Nutrition.

The Free CMA Exam Practice

CareerPracticeTests presents 30 free medical assisting multiple-choise questions and explanation answers for the Certified Medical Assistant exam (CMA exam).

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