Free DANB GC practice test with instant result

In this DANB GC practice test we present 41 DANB practice test questions and answers for the DANB General Chairside Exam, besides usedful infomation about the DANB General Chairside Exam (GC).

DANB General Chairside Exam (GC)

The Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. (DANB) provides the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) Examination for national certification objectives. Dental assistant works could be sought after completing the CDA certification procedure. Prospects should efficiently finish three tests – GC, RHS and also ICE – in 5 years. The examinations are recognized and/or mandatory in 37 states. The General Chairside (GC) evaluation is among the 3 examinations included in the CDA Exam as a whole.

Prospects have to satisfy certain qualification requirements just before taking this evaluation. Candidates can choose to take a computer-based or paper and pencil version of the test.

For the GC evaluation, candidates will have 1 hr and 30 minutes to complete 120 multiple-choice questions. The material of the test is damaged down as follows:

  • Collection as well as recording of professional information – 10 percents
  • Chairside dental treatments – 45 percents.
  • Chairside oral materials (prep work, control, application) – 11 percents.
  • Laboratory materials and treatments – 4 percents.
  • Client education and learning and dental health and wellness administration – 10 percents.
  • Prevention and also administration of emergencies – 14 percents.
  • Office administration procedures – 6 percents.

The raw rating, or the number answered appropriately, will certainly be converted to a scaled rating in the 100-900 variety. The minimal death scaled score is 400. If not successful in the attempt, a prospect may apply to take it once again, however get in touch with the neighborhood jurisdiction to find out if extra educational needs need to be satisfied initially.

Free DANB GC practice test with instant result

Take our 41 multiple-choice questions in this free DANB GC practice test will help you review your knowledge, skill and strength on the DANB General Chairside Exam.

Free DANB GC practice test with instant result

Free DANB GC practice test with instant result. Image:

To respond to the practice questions in this free DANB GC practice test: Click the button corresponding to the best answer for each question. And right after you click the “Submit” button at the bottom of this page.

Your browser window will reload, displaying your results of this free DANB practice test.

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This practice test with 41 DANB practice questions is not timed and all are free, so you may take it as many times as you wish. You see here: Free DANB GC Practice Test

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