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The National Counselor Exam

The National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) helps determine if professionals can be certified as National Certified Counselors (NCCs). Part of this certification process includes passing the National Counselor Exam (NCE). The NCE is also used by many states as part of their own credentialing process.

The NCE is a four hour, paper and pencil based, multiple choice examination. It is given in April and October of every year at various locations around the United States.

The NCE practice exam free

The NCE Practice Exam Free

The NCE Practice Exam Free

NCE exam is an extremely difficult exam that will require your dedication, commitment, and practice. We can help you achieve your goal of passing the NCE exam by providing the motivation and tools you will need, such as: NCE study guide articles, NCE testing tips and especially NCE practice tests

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Take 30 multiple-choise questions in this NCE Practice Exam Free to get an idea of the types of questions on the National Counselor Exam. Your result will display when you finished this practice test (by clicking the “Submit” button)

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