NCE Practice Tests (with Instant result) For Free

Before you take 30 mutliple – choise questions and explanation answers in this free NCE Practice Tests, we would like to suggest a few tips to review and pass your career test:

NCE Practice Tests (with Instant result) For Free

NCE Practice Tests (with Instant result) For Free

Prior to taking the NCE exam (was actually built by the National Board for Certified Counselors – NBCC), preparation for the exam is crucial. This preparation should start with a careful review of the NCE content and structure. The 13 domains on the exam should provide a starting point for areas in which to review. In addition, sample questions for the NCE can be found on the NBCC website, and taking as many sample questions and/or sample tests as possible is also beneficial.

During the examination, careful management of time is very important. All questions on the examination should be answered, and leaving answers blank can have an adverse affect on the total score. If an answer is not known, it can be marked and revisited later, and an educated guess is always better than leaving an answer blank.

Also, because the answer sheets are machine-scored, it is important to be very clear when marking answers. Often, answers that are not clearly marked on the answer sheet will be marked as incorrect by the scoring equipment. Therefore, being careful when marking answers is crucial to achieving success on the NCE.

Free NCE Practice Tests

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For now, let’s take this free NCE Practice Tests – with instant result (included Answer Explanations) – to help you prepare this career exam:

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