TEAS Practice Test [Part 4]

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TEAS Practice Test

TEAS Practice Test [Part 4]

How to prepare: TEAS test

A great way to prepare for your test is to find a TEAS prep course, free practice sessions or materials to help you prepare for the TEAS. You can also find resource materials and a TEAS study guide. Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), which administers the examination, offers TEAS preparation and skill-building products on their website, including a study manual, online practice assessments and study packages.

Allow yourself enough time to study. If you leave studying for the exam until the last minute, chances are you may not perform as you had hoped. Decide on how many TEAS practice tests you would like to take before the actual exam and spread them out between study days and prep exam days. You may find that you need to work harder in certain areas than others. If this is the case, build in extra study days for the material you find more difficult.

Organize a study space where all of your notebooks, flashcards and practice exams are within arm’s reach. Make sure the lighting is sufficient, and get rid of anything in the vicinity that may act as a distraction.

Use visual aids. At the start of a topic, write down anything you already know about it. Once you go back and look at the textbooks and your notes, fill in the gaps where any information is missing.

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Remember the benefits of a study group. Study sessions with other students allow you to challenge yourself and discuss any questions you may be struggling with. You might have questions that they can answer, and vice versa.

Plan your exam day. The day of your TEAS V test, make sure that you know all of the rules and requirements, what you’re supposed to do and exactly where the test location is. Give yourself extra time in the morning and eat a hearty breakfast. It is always a good idea to arrive 30 minutes before the exam starts.

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And now, let us taking TEAS Practice Test [Part 4] with 30 multiple choice questions:

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