TEAS Practice Test

TEAS Practice Test: Ways to learns and prepares

There are many different ways so that everyone learns information and prepares for the TEAS test. Most people will use a TEAS Test Study Guide as their basic method of test preparation. Others may use a set of TEAS Test Flashcards to help them prepare on a more indepth basis for their test. However, regardless of your preferred study method, you are ultimately responsible for how prepared you’ll be on test day.

TEAS Practice Test

TEAS Practice Test

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What does the TEAS test consist of:

The Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) is given by Assessment Technologies Institute, LLC (ATI) designed to identify qualified applicants to nursing schools and is used by many nursing colleges across the US. The current version the TEAS, TEAS V, evalutates the basic academic skills needed by an aspiring nurse.

The TEAS is a computer-based multiple choice exam with 170 questions. Test-takers have 209 minutes to complete the exam, and may not use calculators.

The TEAS test is broken into four subject areas:

  • The Math subtest measures knowledge of whole numbers, metric conversions, fractions and decimals, algebraic equations, percentages and ratio/proportion.
  • The Science subtest covers science reasoning, science knowledge, biology, chemistry, anatomy, and physiology, basic physical principals and general science.
  • The English subtest measures knowledge of punctuation, grammar, and sentences structure, contextual words, and spelling.
  • The Reading subtest covers paragraph comprehension, passage comprehension, and inferences/conclusions

CareerPracticeTests presents 134 free TEAS review questions (divided into 5 different practice tests, with 30 multiple choise question each practic test), originally written with answers to help you prepare for this important nursing admissions exam.

Now, we invite you to begin the 1st in this 5 TEAS practice tests:

You can see detail at: http://www.practicequiz.com/teas-nursing-school-review-questions/questions?page=4

You can continue to participate in the next TEAS practice test:

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