NASM CPT study guide and NASM practice tests

NASM CPT study guide

Personal trainers who have their NASM certification have one of the most acknowledged classifications in the American fitness industry. This certification is specifically good for fitness instructors who wish to work with the average individual rather than elite athletes or teams of individuals. If helping people get into shape– and stay in shape– is your goal, this widely-accepted certification might be a great fit for you.

NASM CPT study guide and NASM practice tests

NASM CPT study guide and NASM practice tests.

While the NASM CPT exam is often perceived as being a bit much easier than the ACSM and NSCA certification tests, it’s not to be ignored. According to the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) website, more than one-third (35 %) of prospects failed to pass the examination. Exactly what did they do incorrect? And how can you enhance your possibilities of success?

A Quick Guide to the NASM CPT Exam

Before you rush out and buy your NASM personal training research guide, there are a couple of foods that you can do to prepare yourself prior to you begin to study. And yes, as soon as you do these steps, you will truly wish to study for this test. The best news about this pre-study session? It’s completely complimentary.

Your first step should be to download the free Certification Candidate Handbook released by NASM for those interested in the CPT test. It’s a comprehensive overview of every element of the test. Read it well and you’ll have a great idea of what you have to learn.

Your 2nd step is to learn what you currently understand. You can do this– once more, without investing a cent– using the free NASM personal training practice test. This will not only assist you strengthen what you already understand, it will also highlight areas where your understanding can absolutely make use of some improvement. In fact, you might wish to continue utilizing practice tests as you research. It’s a quick and hassle-free method to keep exam products fresh in your mind. And, if you retake them frequently, these tests will help you see your development.

So do not worry about studying for your NASM certification examination. Setting up a regular research schedule and becoming acquainted with the NASM examination standards will assist you reach your goal of becoming a licensed personal trainer!

Free NASM practice test

Following are alot of the free NASM practice test questions and answers for the NASM CPT examination in the practice test. Let’s take them and prepare for official exam:

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