National Nurse Aide Assessment Program Exam Study Guide

National Nurse Aide Assessment Program Exam Study Guide

The national nurse aide assessment program is the leading nurse aide assessment instrument in United States. The examination is governed by the American Red Cross.

National Nurse Aide Assessment Program Exam Study Guide

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The candidates appearing for the evaluation has to go to the very least 16 years of ages as well as ought to have any kind of criminal background. They need to have finished the registered nurse aid training program within the last 24 months. The candidate additionally should be a student registered nurse with an authorized application of eligibility.

NNAAP exam format

The NNAAP examination has a total of 70 multiple choice questions. Those who share inability with the English reading have 60 multiple choice questions and 10 reading questions. The examination is divided into two portions—written and oral. The oral section of examination is taken in English and Spanish language. The content of the examination includes the following issues that is divided into three sections

1. Physical care skills

  • Activities of Daily Living including topics like Hygiene, Dressing and Grooming Nutrition and Hydration, Rest/Comfort,
  • Basic Nursing Skills featuring issues like Infection Control, Safety/Emergency, Therapeutic/Technical Procedures, Data Collection and Reporting,
  • Restorative Skills that includes the topics like Prevention and Self Care

2. Psychosocial Care Skills section has two parts including Emotional and Mental Health Needs and the Spiritual and Cultural Needs

3. Role of the Nurse Aide evaluates and knowledge and skills of the candidate regarding Communication, Client Rights, Legal and Ethical Behavior, Member of the Health Care Team

NNAAP study guide

Since this is one of the most commonly used examination of its type, you are to see to it that you are comprehending all the contexts and also issues of the test in an improve way. Make certain that you have checked out and also changed all the subjects associated with the assessment. For recommendations you could use the NNAAP study overview that will aid you with the preparation.

National Nurse Aide Assessment Program Exam Practice:

Take our 7 following NNAAP exam practice is great way help you prepare and review your knowledge, skill for your actual exam.

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