Top ten tips for exam stress management – Feeling ready and in control is the best gift you can give yourself as you get ready to write your finals. While some tension is a normal feedback to an expected occasion, like examination writing, when that stress leaves control it can be crippling and make test preparation a very uphill struggle.

Top ten tips for exam stress management

Top ten tips for exam stress management. Image: Getty Images

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So take a minute, connect with yourself, and make a plan to handle your stress so that it does not appear when you require it the least.

Right here are top ten tips for exam stress management:


When you’ve done everything you can to manage your tension and remain healthy and you still feel overwhelmed, cannot sleep, lose or gain significant weight, or just don’t feel yourself then it may be a good idea to look for professional support from your family physician or a psychologist. Connecting could be the very best choice you can make for your stress management and general health and it’s not too far– simply come and see me in Undergraduate Student Services 1-107 Education North and we can find out what support will be best for you.


Thoughts, sensations, and habits are connected. For that reason, it is very important to monitor your self-talk so that you focus on the here and now, set reasonable objectives, and remain appropriately optimistic.


People feel and do better when they are not separated or alone. You require individuals in your life who you feel comfortable to talk, laugh, cry, study, and celebrate success with.


When you say ‘yes’ to somebody or something else, you state ‘no’ to yourself. Realize exactly what you require in order to look after yourself and to get ready for your exams. If someone asks you to do something however you really need to study, try to organize a various time to help out so that it doesn’t interfere with your test preparation.


Relaxation strategies can help you produce a sense of calm– an ideal state to start your study session or sit your test. You could attempt: Progressive muscle relaxation, Visualization, or Imagery.


It can be frustrating to take a look at all of the tasks you have to finish. Set top priorities and work on the most immediate first. Try to break down your jobs into manageable chunks and set objectives that are reasonable. Deal with the tasks that take the most focus e.g. checking out a text when you are most alert and conserve the other jobs, such as re-writing notes or arranging powerpoint slides for later on in the day.


Although there are lots of chemicals, including alcohol, that can mask anxiety symptoms, they do not assist you manage the tension itself. Counting on something external will certainly not deal with the internal concern you’re dealing with.


Physical exertion provides you with an outlet for mental anxiety. Invite a friend to blow off steam by walking, running, getting engageded in a sport and so on. If it’s cold outside, then stroll within on the track in the Van Vliet Centre or go to the gym.


Most individuals need a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep every night. If you are keeping upping late or drawing an all-nighter to cram for a test, you will likely not accomplish your preferred outcome. Lack of sleep results in poor coping approaches for managing anxiety and ‘fuzzy’ thinking. Your best option is to study typically and in advance so that you can get your rest prior to the special day


The best means to manage stress and anxiety around examination time is to be as ready as possible. Keep up to date with your readings, meet with your trainer if you need some clarification or direction, get a tutor with the Students’ Union Tutor Registry, work through research guides, join a study hall, and make use of the Students’ Union Test Bank to exercise tests that have been given in previous years.

Above are top ten tips for exam stress management, we hope that will be able to help you feel more comfortable while performing your exam.

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